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Our web design philosophy

Quality website designs should remain clean, clear, and uncluttered. Your site visitors should be able to easily navigate and understand the purpose of your site. Your website should be responsive to all screen sizes from dual monitor desktops to iPhone displays. Your website needs to quickly convey "Who You are", "What You Do" and "Why You're Better". Your website should also communicate a clear "call to action". What do you want your site visitor to do? Call you? Email you? Order a product? Fill out a form? If you are looking for a Miami Web Design Company, make sure you understand what it is that YOU are wanting to achieve. A pretty website means nothing if it is not helping you with your business needs. Once you have a clear picture of what you want your website to do, make sure that your web design agency understands that vision completely. To make sure that we remain focused on what is important to your business, we adhere to a formal web development methodology that ensures continuous accountability and project focus throughout every step of the web development process. Overall Web Design Project Methodology:
  • Discovery - It is important that we gain a clear understanding of our client's critical business issues, needs and objectives.  This will normally include an initial phone call with a follow-up face-to-face meeting. The results of this phase allow us to create a “Requirements Specification & Price Estimate” document which comprises the overall scope of your project.
  • User Experience (UX) Strategy -- Upon approval of the proposal and payment of a deposit, we will begin fleshing out the details of the overall proposal. We will begin with the User Experience (UX) Strategy. UX strategy involves us learning as much as possible about your business model and how your website visitors interact with your business online.
  • Information Architecture - This phase outlines Navigation, Content hierarchy and any unique functionality, interaction and screen-level content or data.
  • Design and Development - This will include user interface design, graphics design, site layout, navigation components and any associated application development. We will define certain milestones where the client will be able to measure our progress, approve design elements, test applications and redirect our development path where appropriate.
  • Deployment and Training - During this phase, all parties will review the site for completeness and proper functionality. Any custom programming features will be tested and approved by the Client. Any minor cosmetic or textual changes will be made at this point. Upon formal project acceptance, the site will be migrated to the client's production server. Further testing and client training will then be provided.
  • Ongoing Support - Ongoing customer support is crucial to the success of any website project.  We always seek to build lasting relationships with our clients.  We will be there to offer ongoing support and design assistance to our clients as their sites continue to grow.
For a more information on our web design methodology, check out our Web Development Process Flowchart page. iSatisfy.com is your clear choice for Miami Web Design. We provide professional web design services throughout south Florida (and beyond). Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions that you might have regarding our web design services.
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