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Content Management Systems (CMS) :

Every project that we undertake comes with an integrated, user-friendly "Content Management System" (CMS) to facilitate website content additions, edits, etc. by the Client or other appointed person. Each site includes a password-protected administrative login to manage online content, meta-tags, images, FAQs, contact forms, etc. The CMS also facilitates consistent and clear navigation controls (menus) so website visitors can quickly and intuitively explore the site.

The following list outlines many of the standard features in the CMS:

Preformatted Page Layouts:
Simple Page Layout
Multi-column page layouts
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Event listings with automatic event expiration/removal from site
Contact form with “CAPTCHA” (human) validation and log
Photo album with automatic thumbnail creation and image resizing
Article publisher
Blog capability
Customizable table with sortable columns
Listing page with customizable fields
Link Directories with categories

Page Management Features:
WYSIWYG content editing with ability to link to images or documents in file manager.
Fully customizable Meta Tags for each page (Page Title, Description, Keywords, custom Meta Tags, etc.)
Style sheet (CSS) based content editing
Easy integration of SEO tracking codes (e.g., Google Analytics, Adwords, etc.)
Easy integration of customized JavaScript code
Configurable template engine for maximum layout flexibility - Define custom layouts for any page

Form Management:
Create custom/complex data entry forms with required field validation
Form submission will be redirected to one (or more) email addresses of your choosing
All form submissions are stored in an archived repository sorted by month
Standardized field types for easy form creation (e.g., Drop down selectors, radio buttons, check boxes, date with pop-up calendar, text, text area, etc.)

Built-In System Features:
System Backups with historical archive
Customizable dynamic navigation configuration (including drop-down navigation)
File Manager - Upload images and other files directly through the system, no need for FTP.
User management (admin and super admin roles) – Each page may be protected individually.
Dynamic “search engine friendly” URLs for easier SEO marketing.

Included Widgets:
RSS Content Syndication
Site-wide text search
Customized "widgets" can easily be plugged-directly into your site


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